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Download following Perl / PHP Software for small Fees.
This will give you Access to an protected Download Area. All Software maybe used on as many Websites you like but may not be resold. You will get an Member Account which allows you to return at any Time to the Download Area, to get new Copys or Updates of the Scripts. Payments are done via Paypal. All scripts only require Perl 5 or higher and or PHP and run on Text Databases. They are able to run in different OS Environments, like Unix - Linux - Windows as long as the Perl and / or PHP Interpreter is installed. There are free Scripts further down the Page.

If you are interested in an Script and need more Information about it, before buying or downloading, please send an Mail to !

Web Content PHP Scripts
Arcade Script9,95 US$ Currently not available

Regular Scripts
Direx - Directory Dino9,95 US$
Amiex - Text Advertisement Exchange9,95 US$
Amibanex - Banner Exchange9,95 US$
Amitraffic - Popup Exchange9,95 US$
Paypal Payment Processing9,95 US$
Paypal Instant Payment Notification - IPN9,95 US$
PHP Content Management System9,95 US$

Free Download Area

free download zipped scriptsdescription

diary 2002

diary2002 is a online journal or diary script. you may call it also a blogger or weblog. fact is you will be able to write, read, search and delete your own articles or stories from your browser. diary2002 is designed for easy setup, use and maintaining. web publishing has never been that easy. your articles will be stored in text file format, so no database like for example "mysql" is needed. editing of articles, secured admin area, sort articles by date, searchengine, review articles before deleting and some more...

demo version of diary2002

sitemap generator

yahoo & google sitemap generator

is an zip package with two php scripts. one is for generating an xml sitemap for the google sitemap program, the second one builds an sitemap in text file format for submission to yahoo. both scripts can be setup to exclude certain folders and only include website pages with wanted file extensions like for example html, htm ... to your sitemap. both generators are not limited to a number of website pages. you will find some help on how to setup the scripts inside the scripts itself. to submit your sitemap to yahoo go to following url ( click the Link " Submit Your Site for Free: " -> you will need an free yahoo account to submit your sitemap ), for google it is following one .
funny lotto script

funny lotto script

lotto.cgi is a fun script which allows yourself and your visitors to draw 6 random numbers out of 49, which is most common for most lotteries. this numbers maybe changed to your local lottery drawings or any other fun stuff. the script is able to run several thousands times in one instance and display the numbers which are drawn most often. maybe you could try this numbers and win some money in any lottery. certainly there is no guarantee for, but who knows;) be aware this script ist just for fun.
download manager

download manager

is an small and easy to setup PHP script, which allows to track the name and the number of downloaded files. the same script is used to log the downloads on this page. just setup two variables, your path to the log file and your URL, upload the script and your are ready to go.



is a perl script which extracts information (environmental variables), from your server / browser / operating system => like for example: server ip, server name, operating system, request method, pathes and so on. this is most usefull for doing setup for scripts, maybe if you are not sure about your server pathes.

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