paypal payment processing script
this script allows you to run your own affiliate program in order to sell more of your products. the script takes advantage of PAYPAL as an payment processor. your affiliates will be paid direct by the purchasing customer. having their revenue share deposited immediately into their PAYPAL account will keep the affiliates happy and you as the owner of the program will save the monthly or even weekly commission payout to your affilates. affiliates will get an unique code related to their PAYPAL email address, they will have access to daily stats, where their template views and sales link clicks are reported. the affiliate code is also mailed to the affiliates email box, when the code is lost it maybe retrieved again at your pp_affiliate script. the admin script gives you as an owner of the program an complete overwiew about your affiliates and their sent visitors plus perfomed clicks. from your admin script you may also delete affiliates records and send mails in text or html format to your members.