direx directory dino software
run your own website directory with direx perl script. easy to setup, runs out of the box, complete directory control from your admin area.

  • runs static html pages for low server load and good searchengine position.
  • complete layout control (font-link-background-table-border color...)
  • for experienced webmasters, ability to customize html layout code.
  • unlimited categorys & linked websites.
  • automatic check for double entry urls.
  • enable / disable submission form field, allowing webmasters to suggest a new category.
  • enable / disable submission form field, asking webmasters for recip link url.
  • preview submitted websites & recip link url before accepting for your directory.
  • accept & reject several submitted websites at one click.
  • enable / disable automatic acceptance of new website submissions incl. new categorys.
  • enable / disable automatic send mail to sites webmasters when website is accepted or declined.
  • enable / disable notification to your mail adress, by each new submission.
  • mailtext update from admin area.
  • goodbye text displayed, to webmasters after passing their data.
  • goodbye text update from admin area.
  • run your own random adverts. setup from admin area.
  • delete & create your directory categorys from admin area.
  • delete linked websites in category pages from admin area.
  • automatic check and sort out of no more existing websites, linked in your directory.
  • saves name and email address of website submitters to an text file in coma delimited format, in order to build an email database.
  • counter for listed websites in directory. overall count + listed websites in categorys.
  • edit website submissions from your admin area.
  • limit number of website listings for one category page. for example theres is an limit of 10 listings for one category page. you have 100 websites listed in that category. that means your category got 10 category pages with 10 websites listed at each of them.

    direx mass mailer - directory dino software
    same features like above version plus

  • optional image upload and display in row or column layout for website listing. resize submitted images to given limits in width and height. limit KB size for allowed image upload.
  • double optin email lists. submitters should verify their passed email address. optional you may allways accept not verified website submissions.
  • send mail as HTML encoded or in plain TEXT to email list members from your admin area. double name and email address sort out. delete only email list entrys or also to email address connected website listing. email list members are able to unsubscribe from maillist. the link to unsubscribe is provided with the sent mail.
  • accepted directory members may update their listing. the link to update is provided with the sent accept mail.
  • ability to blacklist email providers, add and delete providers.