arcade script - flash game script - mochiads mashup
written in php, the package consists of 4 php scripts one javascript, one css and one background graphic file. there is one centralized setup php file, which can be the only file you have to edit to suit your environment. furthermore you can change the layout by editing the included css stylesheet and there is also the option to change the html layout. the software gives you the freedom to publish Mochiads onlinegames. at the demo website, it is used to create an sole standing onlinegames website, but it maybe integrated into any existing website, blog or anywhere you have the ability plug it, via an iframe or php require. it is just based on the great of onlinegames published by Mochiads, so you will have to open an publisher account at Mochiads which will get you an publisher id. at this moment ( 10.02.2010 ) there are more then 14000 flash games released by Mochiads. no external database, like mysql is needed. the details are stored in an text file database. about 50 mb of disk space is needed, to store the information of 14000 games. so required is just php, starting with version 4, it is fairly plane code. you can build your library from the browser or by the terminal command line.


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